Make a Seamless and Smooth Transition to iPhone 7 with AnyTrans

Get a new iPhone 7? Great! Nowthe first thing to do istransferring old iPhone data to your iPhone 7. Forthis job, I’drecommend a really powerful yet efficient tool –AnyTrans 5. It moves everything in one simple click, including photos, contacts, messages,music, notes, app data, even custom settings. Moreover, it allows selective transfer, which enables you to choose what to transfer and what to skip, no need of full restore.

AnyTransgives 3 options for you to transfer data from old iPhone to your new iPhone 7, and you can just choose the most suitable one based on your own demands.

Content to Device
With “Content to Device” mode, you can select one or multiple types of files you want and transfer those selected items only without full restore. Thisway,you can save much time in transferring and get exactly what you want only onto your new iPhone.
Clone Device
With “Clone Device” mode, you canclone everything inside your old iPhone to new iPhone 7 with one simple click, including photos, contacts, messages, music, notes, app data, even custom settings.
Merge Device
One unique feature of AnyTrans is its “Merge Device” mode. With it, you can transfer scattered data from different iOS devices into one iPhone with duplicates prevented and data well organized in the right place. What’s better, when merging data from different iOS devices, it perfectly merges the messages of the same contact into one thread.
MoreHighlight Features
Aside fromdata transfer, AnyTranscomes withmore handy features:
Ringtone maker can help you make your own iPhone ringtone with the initial 40s of any song you like. 
Video-converter transcodes all incompatible formats automaticallywhen transferring videos and you can play it on your iPhone instantly as soon as the transfer ends.
Disk mode turns your iOS device into a handy mobile disk temporarily in case you need a 
USB flash drive urgently. 
GIF maker is the most awesome feature for me.It is able to export the live-photos asGIF format. Thus you can share them easily with more friends.
The bottom line
AnyTrans is a practical tool for fast and flexible transition from old iPhoneto new iPhone; Also, it gives better iPhone management experience.You can have a free try now.


  1. AnyTrans

    AnyTrans 5 is the ultimate iPhone manager that breaks the sync boundary and consolidates every access to all your content in one place, including music, videos, photos, messages, books, Safari history, voice memo, etc., no matter the content is from your iPhone, iTunes backup, even from iCloud. It gives efficient & minimalist control and absolute freedom over all users iOS data and files. #1 Flash-Sync Makes the fastest data transfer in market - By largely improving the data loading and transferring speed, AnyTrans 5 gives you lightning-fast experience. It’s no doubt the fastest data transfer solution in market. #2 Two-way Transfer between iOS devices, iTunes, iCloud and computer - Whether you want to transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac, messages from old iPhone to new iPhone 7, music & playlists from iPhone back to iTunes library, or videos from PC to iPad, AnyTrans gets anything transferred freely between your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iTunes, iCloud and computer. #3 Easily manage all your contents on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Browse, edit and export important contacts, messages, notes, and more personal data from iPhone; well organize your photos and music in iPhone & iPad by building up your own collections and playlists – you get full control over all your iOS data & files with ultra ease. #4 Migrate everything to your new iPhone 7 within one click clone - Upon just one simple click, everything from your old iPhone, even from iPad – will be cloned to your new iPhone 7. The game-level you just conquered, the photos you took yesterday, the note you plan for shopping and the music you favors will all be there waiting for you. #5 Navigate your iTunes & iCloud backup contents with even more ease - Instead of making a guess on whether your iTunes/iCloud backup contains the notes, messages, contacts, voice memos, or Safari bookmarks you need, AnyTrans 5 lets you peek right into your backups, and grab any piece of data you need freely without a full restore.

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